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Extreme Metal Band SIGLOS Will Have Their Debut Performance at LA’s Gates of Metal Festival

Spanish Black Metal, Doom, and Industrial Metal Band SIGLOS Will Perform For The First Time in Front of a Live Audience on October 15th

Based out of Los Angeles, California, SIGLOS combines extreme classic metal with Black, Doom, and Industrial Metal to evoke a raw and visceral listening experience. Band members include two-time Grammy-nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin (Ex-Ministry), and insanely powerful vocalist and member of Transtorno, Pedro Sanchez. Though they have established themselves a devoted fanbase and reputation in the metal world, SIGLOS has yet to perform live in front of an audience. This will all change on October 15th, thanks to the LA’s Gates of Metal Music Festival, where SIGLOS will perform live for the very first time in front of an audience, along with many other amazing names in heavy metal such as Sadistic Intent, Heathen, Evil Dead, Anger As Art and more. The festival will start at 1:45 pm at the Garden Amphitheater in Garden Grove, CA and will include two stages (a fan-friendly, open-air stage and an indoor stage), not to mention, countless metal merchants, vendors, bars, and food options all presented in an all-ages European Style Heavy Metal Festival. SIGLOS will be on at 3:00pm on the open-air stage for their first-ever live performance.

Purchase tickets to the festival here.

Gearing up excitement for the performance, SIGLOS released their new EP titled “Rituales Sagrados” in January of this year, and its unique sound gave metal lovers an immersion into their own spirituality, along with a deep dive into an intense, extreme, and evocative sound. By blending their Mexican and Spanish heritage into ritualistic lyrics, SIGLOS creates a dark atmospheric, and raw intensity, unlike the vast majority of modern metal bands. The combination of Pedro’s unstoppable vocals along with a deep-rooted exploration of the human condition in their lyrics take listeners on a journey through self-reflection and discovery. With new material on the way, their performance debut will only be the beginning of an amazing fall for the band – hopefully with more live shows to come!

Sin Quirin expressed his excitement and gratitude for their ability to perform at the festival and shared, “It just hit me how real this is. Something about seeing our name on the ticket just made me flood with emotions. The last time I played onstage with a "heavy" band was 4 years ago. FOUR YEARS AGO. The ups and downs that I've gone through in these past four years is something that has forever changed me as a person. This show means a lot to me for so many reasons. I honestly thought I would never be back onstage with this type of band. So many people and things that have tried to keep me down, so many obstacles, and of course my own self-doubt. I am beyond excited and grateful for everyone that has joined me on this journey and can’t wait to unleash our style of Metal”

Pedro Sanchez says “I am very excited to manifest on stage what we have been working on in the studio for some time, and honored to perform at the LA’s Gates of Metal for our first appearance. We have been working very hard on this album “Rituales Sagrados'' and are excited to bring something new to the world and to the music industry with Sin’s guitar riffs, with my lyrics and vocals, with our message, our essence and spirit of this new entity we have created called “SIGLOS”. -


SIGLOS is a heavy metal band combining aspects of Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal. The group features lead guitarist Sin Quirin, formerly of Ministry, Lords of Acid, American Head Charge and Society 1, and lead vocalist Pedro Sanchez of Transtorno. The pair blend their Mexican and Spanish roots into the dark undertones, psychedelic, self-reflective lyrics and chanting rhythms, creating a dark, raw, and honest portrayal of the human condition.

Listen to SIGLOS on Bandcamp:

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The Black Metal Dream Team since the beginning

In this photo from left to right: Alex Crescioni , Music Producer at Stygian Sound, Grammy-nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin, (formerly of Ministry), Raquel Figlo PR, and insanely powerful SIGLOS vocalist and member of Transtorno, Pedro Sanchez.

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Raquel Figlo, Public Relations

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