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“Unique and passionate”

are the only labels she believes in.

Raquel Figlo

Based in the Los Angeles area, Raquel Figlo started following her passions at 12 years old, when she began attending her favorite concerts. She wasn’t just a fangirl or a groupie–she was a family member of the rock and metal scene as if it was her birthright. Founding Raquel Figlo Public Relations and working with such bands was a natural next step in her career as an entrepreneur and publicist, having lived in the scene for decades already. In her 15 years of experience in the PR industry, Raquel has worked with clientele ranging from celebrities, musicians, brand creators, influencers, fashion designers, and non-profit companies. Each client is diverse but Raquel brings a commonality to them all: getting them the attention and press they deserve. 

From white-glove experience coordinating red carpet events for Sue Wong to campaigning press for a two-time Grammy-nominated guitarist, Raquel’s upbeat enthusiasm, go-getter attitude, and sympathetic nature raises the bar in client satisfaction. She doesn’t just care about their success, she’s genuinely invested in it. 

Raquel believes life is for living, for taking a bite out of every opportunity you can, and for making a career out of what you love most…because that’s exactly what she’s done herself. She can do the same for you. 

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"True success is figuring out your life & your career so you never have to be around jerks."

John Waters

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