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"For most, a job is a source of income, not of passion. But this isn’t the case for OC resident Raquel Figlo,  who is lucky enough to be her own boss, and follow her passions: Public Relations, philanthropy, and heavy metal music."

-Alex Distefano of OC Weekly ' 18

"Raquel has brought her passion for building female communities and giving them a voice in an industry that is still mostly male-dominated. 

Raquel works hard to get her client’s talents recognized through networking, supporting the scene, and supporting other shows."

- Myki Angeline of THEWIMN ' 19

"Being a publicist and entrepreneur is a constant hustle that I love. You have to enjoy putting yourself out there, not only for your client but for yourself, as well.

- Where It Begins Magazine '20


Personable. Passionate. Persistent. 

 Raquel Figlo doesn't just play by the rules — she creates them. And it's worked for the past 15 years, leveraging her industry connections.


In one phone call, Raquel can set up interviews with the hottest magazines domestically and internationally. Raquel works fast to launch a brand from awareness to influencer. Her credible and authentic partnerships are the instrumental keys to her clients' success. The question is — how far do you want to reach?



Raquel Figlo Public Relations is an agency of creative thinkers that propel interesting brands to the next level. Raquel Figlo and her team are committed to bringing your goals and objectives to fruition with high enthusiasm and commitment. We go beyond emails and tap into the right connections, giving you the right kind of news. Through crafting a consistent story, we build you a share-worthy identity, culture and distinguished brand voice.



Raquel Figlo and her team can do a lot. But if there's one thing they rock at, it's positive publicity. 






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