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This week's releases are on the heavier side. Everything ranging from Skull Riot's bone-crushing noisy band fronted by J. Ferron on bass and vocals. To East Coast Rapcore group Dizasterpiece's new music video for “Nosferatu” tuning into the melodic shoegaze/alternative rock/nu-metal side, with slamming dropped tuned guitars, and hard-hitting vocals. Last, but not least guitar shredder Charlie Parra del Riego! A YouTuber sensation turned touring musician playing alongside Chris Jericho, Dino Cazares, and More Rock and Roll Icons.

90s Hip-Hop Meets Nu Metal Dizasterpiece Releases “Nosferatu” OUT TODAY Leading Up to New Record “ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion]” out May 17th.

“I am very excited about this project, it’s my favorite music I’ve ever made.” -Diz (vocals, rhythm guitar, and sound samples for Dizasterpiece)

Best described as a hybrid of post-hardcore and alternative-fused metalcore, East Coast Rapcore group Dizasterpiece will release a new album entitled “ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion]” on May 17th. In anticipation of the album, Dizasterpiece released the first of several tracks on April 5th, the title track “ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion]”. What starts out as a catchy, chill, trip-hop-influenced song becomes a swarm of post-hardcore, metal and screamo-rock in the new single - a sneak preview of what’s to come in the full album. This single is followed by “Nosferatu”, out today via Shake The Earth Records and Innergy Records.

“Nosferatu” tunes into the melodic shoegaze/alternative rock/nu-metal side of the group, with slamming dropped tuned guitars, and hard-hitting vocals. Lyrics like “No I won’t bend. Black hole of a room w bad souls again. Fiending off my energy, and my energy is my currency therefore making them my enemies. My magic gets tainted even if I came powerful (damaging my stamina.) And the second I disconnected, I got showers full of blessings. Always trust your gut” showcasing the songwriting talent of the group, while genius instrumentation and mixing showcase talent of producers like long-time collaborator “illgorythmz”. 

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Skull Riot Gears Up for a Summer of Releases with “Same Old” OUT TODAY Dirty Rock Duo Plans to Release Five More Singles and an EP by The End of Summer!

Described as electrifying hard rock, fans are often astonished to find that Skull Riot is only comprised of two members, J. Ferron who is the frontman, writer, bassist, mixer, and lead singer for the duo, and Sam Epstein on drums.

With additional mixing and recording from collaborators Roberto de la Peña and 11 times Grammy nominee, Mauricio Garza, Skull Riot is a minimalist operation that functions at the highest level. Following in the footsteps of the very few bands that play two instruments live (The White Stripes, Death From Above 1979, and Royal Blood), Skull Riot takes a non-traditional approach to making heavy music.

With influences ranging from Royal Blood, Queens of The Stone Age, Priestess, Megadeth, Pantera, Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Velvet Revolver, to Nirvana and The Sword, Skull Riot combines heavy metal with grunge rock to bring a new style to heavy metal and rock music that excites fans across the nation.

Listen to the New single "Same Old" on Spotify, click here:


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Peruvian Artist Charlie Parra del Riego A YouTuber SENSATION Turned Touring Musician Plays Alongside Chris Jericho, Dino Cazares, and will be touring this summer with Saratoga and Kuarantine

Hailing from Lima, Peru, Charlie Parra del Riego is a touring musician who’s played alongside some of the biggest names in metal and rock and roll, including Chris Jericho, Dino Cazares, Michael Angelo Batio, El Estepario Siberiano, and Spanish heavy metal band Saratoga. Coming from hardships and struggles in his early life, as he was diagnosed him ADHD and kicked out of school at a young age, Charlie bounced back in his personal and professional life by embracing music. After his diagnosis, his therapist suggested he try playing the electric guitar to improve his skills and grades, which led to Charlie to form his own band, Difonia, in 2003 to play in the underground hardcore punk circuit.

Charlie was also given the opportunity to play alongside wrestling legend and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho's band Kuarantine when Chris wrote Charlie an Instagram direct message asking him to join the group after watching his videos. Kuarantine will be on tour this summer on July 5th in Chesterfield MI at the Diesel Concert Lounge, on July 6th in Franklin OH at JD Legends, and on July 7th Warrendale PA at Jergel's.

Playing with Chris has been out of this world so far. Getting to play in a band with members of Fozzy, Trixter, and Luke Bryan, and meeting wrestling legends does not happen every day. Fact is, I'm still surprised I'm getting to play in the same band with the guy I picked in video games and watch on TV.” -Charlie Parra del Riego

Chris Jericho and Charlie Parra del Riego
Chris Jericho and Charlie Parra del Riego

Charlie Parra del Riego will be on tour with Saratoga this summer across California on June 7th in Santa Ana at The Yost, June 8th in Los Angeles at Leonardos, and June 9th in San Francisco at Roccapulco. Be sure to catch him at a live show to experience an unforgettable night.

“Guitar is a way of life, almost a religion but all the way around, it's a global language and community that (most of the time) brings people from all over the world together. Music is life, love, attitude, sadness, anger... music is everything.” -Charlie Parra del Riego

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