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Corpse Paint Records’ Lucky Contest Winner Nina Himes Hangs Out with EYE AM on Halloween Night!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Supergroup Eye Am Announces Release Date for Their Second Single “Cryptomnesia” as November 24th (Black Friday)

One month ago, the Corpse Paint Records / Cryptomnesia contest winner was made public by EYE AM member Kenny Hickey and Frank Godla on Metal Injection, when they announced superfan Nina Himes. “Fans entered to win an exclusive day spent with Eye Am in their recording studio and an opportunity to be the first person to listen to their new track "Cryptomnesia". The prize also included a roundtrip flight to New Orleans, one night's stay at a hotel in the area, free local transportation, lunch, and dinner.” - Metal Injection

EYE AM is made up of Crowbar vocalist and guitarist Kirk Windstein, guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative/Silvertomb, and former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange (who also played alongside Kirk in Down). Showcasing a unique combo of low-and-slow metal with bolstering vocals, the group utilizes the unique strengths of its members, along with a heavy emphasis on spontaneity and intuition. The group traveled to New Orleans to celebrate the release of their new single, and gave a special fan a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be part of the trip in a giveaway following up to the release.

Nina Himes, hailing from Seattle Washington, won the flyaway contest and spent Halloween with Eye Am - and everyone involved agreed that it was a magical evening. Nina and her husband Dylan were picked up at the airport by Corpse Paint Records founder Andrew Spaulding, and escorted to Seither’s Seafood where they met up with the band Eye Am, their wives.

“When I first saw the email saying I was the winner of the EYE AM contest, I honestly didn't believe it! I am such a huge fan of metal, and one of my favorite bands of all time is Type O Negative. Having the chance to meet the whole EYE AM group was unbelievable. Everyone was very friendly and genuine. Andrew Spaulding from Corpse Paint went above and beyond to make this experience happen. EYE AM is creating music that is not only is really good, but it is different from any of the other bands these guys have been in before, creating their own sound without the restraints of worrying what they are "expected" to sound like.” -Nina Himes, EYE AM fan and winner of Cryptomnesia giveaway

Nina heard “Cryptomnesia” with the band for the very first time since they recorded it, and enjoyed a variety of seafood ranging from crab, fried shrimp, boiled shellfish, and fried oysters with the band at a family-style dinner at the legendary Seither’s Seafood in NOLA.

“Having our celebration dinner at Seither’s Seafood was just some icing on the cake. I used to live in the area years ago, and we’d frequent this restaurant as my local seafood spot. It is the best seafood - and the most authentic original you’ll ever find.” -Andrew Spaulding, founder, Corpse Paint Records

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Rockstar, now I’m cooking for rockstars in the kitchen at Seither’s.” -Jason Seither, owner of Seither’s Seafood

After the restaurant, Eye Am and Nina Himes went to Pats Pub, a local favorite of Kirk Windstein and Andrew Spaulding. Andrew described how the night felt like one big family reunion.

“You truly can’t buy experiences like that This was Corpse Paint’s first big promotion and I’ll be honest, at first, I was kind of wondering if I bit off more than I could chew, but with the awesome team I have surrounded myself with, it went off with a bang! I think we have set the bar on what we are going to do in the future. I’m really excited.” - Andrew Spaulding, founder, Corpse Paint Records

See photos from Nina’s Instagram of the experience here.

Just added an exclusive interview with Eye Am

The band reconvened in New Orleans at the OCD Recording Studio for 10 days, where they created six brand-new songs. This was the groups’ second time coming together since their gathering at OCD Recording Studio in New Orleans to record their debut single, “Dreams Always Die With The Sun.”

Following the success of their first release, the band will release “Cryptomnesia” on November 24th. With a soft, acoustic intro jolting into heavy-hitting guitar riffs and face-melting vocals, “CRYPTOMNESIA'' feels like a total slap in the face in the best possible way. Tuning into the group’s heavy influence of intuition and spontaneity, the song centers around the mantra, “And into your arms, I commend my life. And after your death, I take back what’s mine.” It is a perfect embodiment of what makes EYE AM truly spectacular - their ability to combine familiar tones with new, innovative ways to express their love of rock and roll and metal – and create something spectacular only within a matter of days.

“Prepare for a heavy, dark, and cold slap of some serious Heaven and Hell, Sabbath-inspired wrecking ball of a song.” -Joe Klamka, host of Concrete Spew

Cryptomnesia will be available on November 24th, exclusively through Corpse Paint Records.


About EYE AM:

EYE AM is made up of Crowbar vocalist and guitarist Kirk Windstein, guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative/Silvertomb, and former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange (who also played alongside Kirk in Down). Brought together by a mutual friend and record label owner Andrew Spaulding of Corpse Paint Records, the band uses their own respective experiences in the industry to create hit power rock ballads, such as “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” which has gained over 100,000 listens since its release - and now are set to release their new track, “CRYPTOMNESIA.” With influences like Black Sabbath and The Beatles, their upcoming album promises to deliver guitar-driven rock with a melodic ballad at its core - bringing audiences back for more.

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