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New Music Friday: Take a Journey Through Love, Loss, and the Human Experience With Two New Releases!

Blacktop Mojo releases their highly anticipated 5th full-length studio album “Pollen.” The album is a journey through love, loss, and the human experience, and captures the essence of springtime in the confusing modern world. In eleven unforgettable tracks, “Pollen” brings listeners through the experience of falling in and out of love with one another, and with life itself. 

The album as a whole is a multi-genre masterpiece, and emotional rollercoaster, showcasing talent unlike any group, with its highly varied instrumentation, layered influences, and textures, along with genius songwriting. “Pollen” is a journey through love in the modern age, and combines eclectic textures never before seen in a rock, country, or blues album. With inspirations ranging from Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bill Withers, Stone Temple Pilots, to Bob Seger and Etta James, Blacktop Mojo’s music has elements of heavy rock, grunge, soul, blues, and a little splash of southern twang. It may sound almost impossible, but each influence shines through in the album and can be identified in many of the tracks It may sound almost impossible, but each influence shines through in the album and can be identified in many of the tracks on their own. 

“Pollen” can be streamed at

and is available on all platforms starting April 5th.

Click belwo to here the album "Pollen" on YouTube.

Overall, all the songs on “Pollen” are about the human experience of falling in and out of love. In nature, pollen drops in the spring and signals rebirth and new life. Falling in and out of love is much the same. You almost become a new person each time it happens. Where we’re from in Texas, this time of year, pollen coats every surface and leaves a golden sheen on everything it touches. We named the record “Pollen” because of these themes and the timing of dropping the album in the springtime.  Each time we release a record, it ushers in a little rebirth for the band and our music.” -Matt James

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01 The End Is Gonna Come

02 Weary I Roam

03 I Can't Tell 

04 Please Don't Call

05 Red Enough

06 Rise

07 As The Light Fades

08 Something's Changed

09 Shoulda Just Gone To Sleep

10 Born To Lose

11 Like Wild Horse

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Black Label Society Drummer Jeff Fabb Releases “Love and War” The New Single Combines Psychedelic Rock with a Modern Metal Flair

“On our path to success, we come across many situations where people acted against us and did not follow the rules, it seemed unfair. Instead of taking it personally, we must remember, all is fair in love and war.” -Jeff Fabb

Inspired by Fabb’s move to Los Angeles after high school, “Love and War” is about embracing the human experience, and how the path to success is often marked by many obstacles to overcome. With slamming drums and opening lyrics like “Everlasting, adulation, will you let me empty my feelings? Waiting in the black…” the song and accompanying music video embody the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond and being unsure of what’s to come.


The song continually balances the feelings of the pain and the pleasure that comes with chasing your dreams. On one hand, Fabb speaks to the painful and uncomfortable feeling of the unknown, with powerful lyrics like, “No matter the road, lonely and so cold. Never thought I’d be so lost at sea. My mind is the catch tangled in the net.” These sorrowful lyrics are accompanied by dark, heavy metal instrumentation and solo shots of Fabb to highlight these isolated feelings.

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Jeff Fabb - Love And War

“Spacey Prog metal” probably isn’t the first - or 50th - thing that comes to mind when you think of Black Label Society. But in his solo venture away from BLS, drummer Jeff Fabb is stylistically branching out, as evident in new song Love And War. Set somewhere between the otherworldly atmosphere of Tool and alt. metal hookiness of a band like Filter - no coincidence, considering Fabb was a member - Love And War is an impressive and ambitious show of just how far Fabb can push his songwriting prowess whilst maintaining a classic feel. - By Rich Hobson

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