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Kenny Hickey ( Eye Am, Type O Negative) Announces New Single & Once-In-A-Lifetime Contest

Following the Success of Their Latest Single, EYE AM Gives Fans A Chance to Win A Trip to New Orleans to Hear Their Unreleased Single “CRYPTOMNESIA”

“The song CRYPTOMNESIA is more of an experience rather than just another tune.” -Kenny Hickey.

Upon the success of their recent release, “Dreams Always Die With the Sun,” and gearing up for the release of their new single “CRYPTOMNESIA,” EYE AM, and Corpse Paint Records, are giving fans a chance to win an incredible Grand Prize, including an exclusive day spent with EYE AM in their recording studio, and an opportunity to be the first person to listen to their new track “CRYPTOMNESIA”. Not to mention, the prize includes a roundtrip flight to New Orleans, one night’s stay at a hotel in the area, free local transportation, lunch, and dinner. When you purchase from the Cryptomnesia collection (through the Corpse Paint Records Store), you automatically enter the running for the Grand Prize. It’s that easy.

For those interested, full Contest Rules can be found here.

Winner will be announced October 4th

Corpse Paint Records and EYE AM are excited to announce this contest as a way of giving back to their fans after the success they have seen with releasing their recent show-stopping single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun.”

Kenny Hickey is the first to share his excitement of this new single, “As a musician, it’s often difficult to listen to a song just for the enjoyment of it once it’s been completed primarily because of the many hours of work and concentration that go into it and the repetitive nature of the recording process in general. But, when I sit back and listen to “Cryptomnesia” all that seems to melt away and I fall in love with it again. “

Kenny goes on to say, “The song is more of an experience rather than just another tune to fill in some time while you’re on your way here or there.”

“With a new band, we need to generate excitement, and I thought this would be a great way to get fans excited to hear the new stuff! An exclusive opportunity like this and the tangible music collectors will have super limited item(s) to choose from. As an avid collector, I always love those limited-by-nature contests to add to the rareness and raise the stakes. Plus all items will be autographed! What’s not super exciting about a brand-new heavy metal supergroup band, and a new single personalized for you! What a way to show your support! And feel like you’re a part of history!” -Andrew Spaulding, Corpse Paint Records

Whether you’re an EYE AM superfan, avid collector/contest lover, or just want the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to a recording studio, meet the band, and hear their unreleased new single followed by dinner and photos, this contest gives every participant a fair chance at an unforgettable experience.

About EYE AM:

EYE AM is a metal/rock band formed in 2023 featuring Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, as well as former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange. Eye Am's music is a mix of doom, heavy and sludge metal, with powerhouse vocals and ear-melting guitar riffs. The band's sound is characterized by slow, crushing drums, distorted vocals and composed yet spontaneous sound. Eye Am's lyrics often deal with dark themes such as death, despair, and addiction. Their debut single was released this year in June titled “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” which is the first song off of theirlong-awaitedd album that has yet to be titled.

For more information on EYE AM, please visit:

For all media inquiries, please contact

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