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Mid-Year Reflection and 12 Songs that will Inspire you, for the rest of the Year!

2024 Year of the Dragon—"Wishing you the strength and courage of the dragon as

you pursue your dreams in 2024." That's the first quote I found when searching for

"best wishes" for The Year of the Dragon on Google. It fits what I am feeling right now. Pursuing your dreams takes strength, determination, and passion. It is not easy, but it can be fun. It has been a busy first six months with 15 new clients and counting.

One of the highlights of my year will be a feature in this summer's Inspired Magazine, a

journal "to inspire, serve, innovate, empower, educate, and celebrate the beauty of

women's achievements" for which I have compiled a list of 12 inspiring songs. I'm

proud to be a member of a community of like-minded individuals who believe in

women's limitless potential. It is an honor to inspire, but I am inspired by the passion

and drive of my clients and the music they create.

I always ask my clients what inspires them to write their songs and what they want their

listeners to feel. I work with a variety of musicians, and each one is different, but what

they all have in common is a passion for music. Below are inspiring quotes about each song from

the artist, and information on where to find their music.

I hope the Year of the Dragon raises your endeavors to the pinnacle of success this

year. May the dragon year shine brighter with your wisdom, luck, and courage.

Dream BIG!

If you would like to be featured in Inspired Magazine,

please reach out to

(mention my name)


1. The longest day of the year in Sweden.  Midsummer.  A time to welcome the summer solstice in a perpetual dance around the maypole. An esoteric night for magick, fertility, high energy.   “Hypokrit,” a proud, banging vibe issued in time for this year’s Pagan-based carnival lived vicariously by the likes of Swedish-bred proto-glam rocker, Skye Dahl.

“When you listen to ‘Hypokrit,’ I want you to feel your inner Viking roar to life, ready to conquer anything.  There’s nothing more rock ‘n roll than defying the status quo.  Vikings epitomize that rebellious spirit.  I want you to feel powerful, unstoppable and badass as you channel the fierce legacy of the Vikings through my music.”

For more information on SKYE DAHL please visiit

Instagram: (@skyedahlofficial)

Please vote for Skye Dahl "Hypokrit" in this week's METAL HAMMER

"The 13 best new metal songs you need to hear this week"

2. We wanted a lyric video to go along with "As The Light Fades" that represented the nostalgia of summer times past and how it felt to run wild and free." - Matt James Lead vocals for Blacktop Mojo

“As The Light Fades” definitely had all the feel good classic rock n’ roll vibes, a style we hadn’t really touched before in previous albums. We honestly couldn’t be happier with the result, especially after having Rob McNelly, who has played for Bob Segar add some guitar to it.” - Matt Curtis, bassist for Blacktop Mojo

For more information on Blacktop Mojo, please visit

3. “Johnny Nasty Boots is a modern interpretation of the rock, blues, and psychedelic sounds that defined the 60s and 70s, going to the real roots of the rock we enjoy today and finding that core, that energy, and adapting it into something fresh. Some fuzz, a little stoner, a dose of classic rock, and completely honest.” - Johnny Nasty Boots

For more information on Johnny Nasty Boots, please visit

4. "Mourning Noise is the result of many years of progressing and being influenced by different things over the past 40 years and also having someone as young as Robby Bloodshed contribute to something that I started when I was in high school." - Steve Zing (Mourning Noise, Danzig, Samhain, BLAK29)

Mourning Noise now, 40 years later, the band is pulling itself out of the garage and revs its engines once again as original bassist Chris Morance and original lead guitarist Tommy Koprowski are joined by new vocalist Robby Bloodshed for a brand new studio album Screams/ Dreams OUT NOW, via Cleopatra Records.

For more information on Mourning Noise, please visit

5. "As the creator of the lyrical content for the song "The Ages," I find it to be a passionate love story like no other. I've written many of broken heart songs before with my bands, The Empire Hideous & SpySociety99, but this song was kind of different. It will have different meanings for other people than it does for me. But that's just the way I've always written song lyrics. I allow the listener to define the song’s lyrics into their own personal meaning" -Myke Hideous, writer of “The Ages”

For more information on October Noir please visit:

Official Website:

6. "I'm definitely no doctor or anything but before the guitar, everything was pretty bland, almost superficial and empty. After guitar, there was a purpose, goals, and feel. Couldn't be more grateful for how these six strings brought so many awesome people, blessings, fans, and experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome). I never thought I would ever go to play guitar in other countries until I actually did.” -Charlie Parra del Riego

For more information on Charlie Parra del Riego, please visit

7. Rising star, award-winning songwriter and force of nature Annie Davis, lead vocals for Trashy Annie, is a genre-blending mix of Joan Jett, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and the Go-Go’s with a side 80’s Hair Metal, 90’s Alt-Rock and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, resulting in the most original new artist in years! "This sure ain't Taylor Swift or Lady A type of country. This is as edgy, darker, and even grubbier than Ashley McBryde or early Kasey Musgraves ever went...and I bloody love it!" -Rockin Magpie

Want to get inspired? Check out Annie’s EPK.

8. Oceans on Other Planet's release of  “Other Side,” The song and video depict how love can span multiple dimensions and transcend time and space. Sometimes we lose someone important to us, but our feelings go on for eternity. And perhaps sometimes we join our long, lost lover on "the other side", whether now or later. - Nick Wolf, lead vocals

For more information on Oceans on Other Planets, please visit

9. Skull Riot's single, “Same Old” is an exhilarating song about paranoia, regret, and what could’ve been. “Skull Riot is a bone-crushing noisy band fronted by J. Ferron on bass and vocals. The band is a power-duo (bass and drums), high energy, heavy and fast, riff-driven, hard rock band that will make you headbang and scream yourself back to life!

For more information on Skull Riot, please visit:

10. “The most important thing about this band is that our message is just as important to us as our music. Our goal is to wake up as many people as we can to the fact that this world, this system, is not what it seems. It is an artificial construct designed to keep us covertly enslaved. We want to make people understand that the concept of authority itself is morally illegitimate, that we can govern our own affairs, and that we don’t need “masters” or leaders in order to peacefully coexist on this planet. The way to do this is to make people aware of how the global

systems of power operate, how reality itself works, and how our inner selves work. We all need to do the internal work of healing ourselves and informing ourselves, and we hope to help people do this.” -Bryan Hoxsey, lead vocalist for VCS

For more information on VCS, please visit

11. “On our path to success, we come across many situations where people acted against us and did not follow the rules, it seemed unfair. Instead of taking it personally, we must remember, all is fair in love and war.” -Jeff Fabb

For more information on Jeff Fabb, please visit

12. “We want to show audiences that there still is a way to reach the masses with out-of-the-norm music, rather than just jumping on whatever is trending. We want to exemplify that there doesn’t need to be many rules with genre-blending, nor rules about what is categorized as what, and how you’re supposed to look, act, or dress. We want to exemplify that people still DO care about lyrics.” -Diz, vocals, guitar, and sound samples 

For more information on Dizasterpiece, please visit


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