NAUGHTY GIRL SHOP HAS ARRIVED Self-Love Looks Good On All Women at The Naughty Girl Shop

Women have captured the essence of each generation through defining styles and fashion statements. Enter Los Angeles’s beloved Naughty Girl, Sienna Sinclaire, who has devoted her career to traveling the world and hosting naughty parties; breaking down taboo social constructs that seek to keep women from exploring their own sensuality in a safe, intimate and exquisitely curated environments. Through her inclusive and accepting nature, Sinclaire has inspired thousands of women of all denominations and demographics to reclaim their feminine confidence, embrace their goddess within. It’s only natural that the fashion to define this self-love movement would follow.

The Naughty Girl Shop was created by Sienna Sinclaire to inspire women to dress up, build confidence and feel sexy. “Fashion is an attitude, not a body type or based on age. Life isn’t always perfect but your outfit can be,” notes Sinclaire at her exclusive, invite-only Naughty Girl Shop launch party in Los Feliz, California, this past Sunday.

Over 100 top fashion bloggers, media such as LA Weekly and social influencers boasting over 500k followers spread the word in real time as Sinclaire extravagantly debuted the clothing line to her selected list of fashionistas, backdropped by a stunning estate property meant to make all attendees feel like Queens.

Elegant models showcasing the clothing line greeted attendees as they entered the launch party in an exquisitely curated experience that began with roses and a red carpet worthy photobooth. Custom Naughty Girl mini champagne bottles and ice cream treats awaited guests as they arrived. Topless belly dancers set the stage for naughtiness as fashionistas were led through different stations, from beauty touch-ups, massages, flower station, mimosas to perfume station. The party was a day of pampering, shopping and self-care. Sinclaire’s intention was for all women to feel like a true goddess, treat themselves and walk away inspired by memories they will never forget taken at the many Polaroid photo booths.

This is the first of many parties that Sinclaire and her empowered team of fashion-forward women will be hosting for the women of the world to embrace their inner Naughty Girl and shift outdated perspectives on women’s liberation, accessible fashion and innate sensuality. Joining together, women can co-create the fashion statement of the century - safe, fun and naughty expressions of self-love, women empowerment and sexy fashion.

About Sienna Sinclaire: is the author of the award-winning “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles” as well as several travel books and ebooks. She launched a travel company where she wanders the world seeking naughty activities for “normal” humans. Se hosts monthly naughty parties, leads naughty tours of LA (complete with naughty history dating back to 1900), teaches workshops, private coaching and so much more. In her own words “I’m still learning and exploring, and always will be! Who knows what the future holds for me, but at least I know who I am. Hopefully, you can find what you love most in life and start living the life you want and never settle!”.

The Baker Twins

Sienna Sinclaire

For more photos of this fabulous event, check out the LA Weekly photo gallery!

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