Did Someone Say,"Glitter Party?!"

Badassery Magazine is not just another women’s magazine. It is a revolutionary concept that combines inspiring and supportive methodology for prosperous female entrepreneurship with the real time value of global community building and networking. On August 24th, Badassery took that mindset and created the ultimate glitter party for night #2 of their LA take over book launch, in support of their new masterminded book/workbook Badassery Style Community: A Step-By-Step Guide to Party Planning Your Way to an Ultra-Engaged Community. Samantha & Kathy share their secrets for hosting and growing community of raving fans and building a community of thousands of empowered female online entrepreneurs who live bold, passion-filled lives embracing their true Badassery. The event took place at Innerspace Art Gallery in DTLA and it was the ideal location for a party of this magnitude.

As attendees walked through the entrance doors they were greeted and given a Badassery Style Community book and swag bag. The swag bags were given to the first 50 attendees and included goodies by Secret Lotus Yoni Steam. This is a inimitable blend of herbs that cleanses the female womb. Desert Daisy Jewelry provided a pocket size crystal and discount code for their online store. Samantha and Kathy both wore a piece of jewelry from Desert Daisy’s amethyst collection, bringing new attention to this diamond in the desert. Other exclusive items included swag from Xandrea Gray, she provided a Kollectin phone ring. More antiaging face serum by Gracie Stone Beauty, a gift certificate for $200 for graphic design work by bevokul.com, and Boss Babe Notebooks provided by InspiHER SUCCESS.

Ladies waited in anticipation to hear stories from guest speakers including who is a Divine Mother and CEO of Good Morning La La Land. She opened the night with a prayer of intention and said, “It feels like we all have had a divine calling as women to do something more.” That message resonated throughout the night as women were eager to know one another and make connections with the 100 plus women at the event.

After Dr. Erin Hall Haskell spoke, there was a small break between speakers and that time, women enjoyed visiting the sponsored booths. There was a flow to the setup of the rooms and even though it was a packed house, women were able to make it to the bar, and the glitter tattoo station by We adorn You LA that specializes in face painting, temporary tattoos and hair crystals. We adorn You LA owner Elise, designed custom Badassery tattoo stencils. The bar was just as busy, with drinks provided by Russian Size Vodka, Megadeth Beer and Baja United Group’s La Dama Tatuada imported Mexican Wine. No one at the party could tell the difference in the cupcakes provided by Katies Pasadena. They are organic, no GNO, vegan, gluten free certified and went perfect with the liquidations. The ladies were feeling good and were ready to hear the next set of speakers.

Chairs were setup while half the women sat down, and the other half stood around the bar as Femargent founder Cholee Spicer, who was on the cover of the Badassery Magazine July issue, talked about community and the launch of her Femargent APP; where female entrepreneurs & professionals connect, exchange services, & collaborate. It is the ideal social networking and bartering tool, available at your fingertips.

It was a night of sharing stories that women could relate to and feel a connection. Debra Corley CEO of Tulifts; inserts for your sports bra that were created to promote self-esteem in women, while at the gym or your day to day. Debra shared her experience with Laura’s House, where she volunteers her time to victims of domestic violence. She shared her stories of obstacles and how she overcame her own experience with domestic violence.

With all the many highlights of the evening, it came to a close with Samantha and Kathy sharing their story of how Badassery Magazine came to be. They stressed the fact that it is more than a magazine, it is a community and they want to help empower women through events like these and retreats such as their up and coming Executive Sisterhood Retreat. a strong message to take away for the event, is that there is no “solopreneur” that they cannot make this all happen alone, that it takes a team. And that is why they also created the Facebook group We are Badassery so the women in their community can have an engaged and support group of women who can all share the ups and downs of owning your own business. The night ended with a full hour of dancing and music provided by DJ La La Land who knew exactly what to play to get the party started. You can find her all over Hollywood at the premier clubs spinning hip hop , Reggaeton and R&B.

With three highly attended events under their belt including Chicago, who knows where this dynamic duo will end up next in their next city book launch take over. What we do know is that they will not do it alone and they will continue to spread the word of collaboration over competition and just might end up in a city near you.

Photos provided by Bleak Pop Films

Contact: bleakpopfilms@gmail.com

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