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Los Angeles, California – Old school experience meets new school metal with the raging band Innocents Torn emerging from Vancouver, Washington. The band boasts five dynamic musicians: Bonny Freimuth as lead vocalist, her husband James Freimuth on guitar, Chris Erickson on drums, Wally Hartzell on bass, and Rhonnie (Rhonda) Lea on additional vocals. Each member brings shattering skill and experience to the table. Bonny is a lifelong singer and Janis Joplin doppelgänger; James has played in bands such as Graveyard Blues, Crystal, and The Shatterbrains; Chris has been composing for 35 years; Wally has a rapport with many bands; and Rhonnie brings a harmonic and electric voice to the band’s already magnetic sound. Born from the pandemic and established in 2020, Innocents Torn has wasted no time in getting down to business, having released a self-titled EP in June 2021 and now hitting the pavement with a mob of shows, the most epic of which is set for July 7, at Sunset Blvd’s own Whisky A Go Go.

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The fervent quintet combines blues and metal inspiration wrapped up in an old school 80’s look to birth a sound transcendent of anything else in mainstream music that surpasses generational gaps. Innocents Torn is a hard-hitting band with tight performances, high energy, and trail-blazing fury. “We get told we look like we are having a blast on stage, and they are totally right,” says the band.

From classical music to hard-hitting metal, Innocents Torn takes inspiration from it all, and they’re taking it all on the road. Catch their monumental performance on July 6 at Whiskey A Go Go as they leave their mark on such a high profile and historic location. Expect to hear and see more of them soon.

About Innocents Torn:

Emerging from the PNW of Vancouver, Washington, Innocents Torn is a new school metal band consisting of husband-and-wife duo James and Bonny Freimuth, Wally Hartzell, Rhonnie Lea, and Chris Erickson. Making the best out of an unprecedented situation, Innocents Torn was born from the pandemic in 2020 and has since carried on to spread an epidemic of their own: a metal sound that surpasses generational gaps.

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