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Rockin' Testimonials

My passion is creating brand awareness and customer loyalty. When my clients' succeed, I feel joy knowing I played a role in their success.  

What our rockstar clients are saying:

Before I chose Raquel, I was considering paying random companies to put out my press release for a fee. The issue I had was I had no idea the scope of these companies' relationships, how much they would care about my success, or if the people they would put the press release out to would even fit the description of anyone that would care about my content.

I am 110% happy I went with Raquel instead. Within 48 hours she was able to land two interviews, one with The Check Out California Radio And Video Podcast and the other with the most respected local Orange County magazine: OC Weekly. The Podcast allowed me to answer a lot of questions the public has asked, gave me the opportunity to do my first Facebook Live broadcast with worthwhile content where hundreds of listeners tuned and some found it interesting enough to listen the entire 45 mins, and the opportunity to connect with business professionals (hosts Raad Ghantous and Craig Sullivan) who are excited about my new business concept.

The OC Weekly interview has yet to be released to print but I am sure it will be a very positive milestone for us. To all of us from Orange County, OC Weekly commands respect, and this publication will not only win exposure, it wins us greater legitimacy and clout for our forthcoming business.

Raquel Figlo does a fantastic job not only representing her clients well, she is great at connecting with people, and when she takes you under her wing as her client, she shows you by actions over words that she really cares about you.

If you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing, go to www.audiobaroc.com.

-Vincent Do, Owner

We are in love with the hard work Raquel does for Badassery Magazine. I am seriously amazed with her connections and her clear desire for our success. She is truly a PR rockstar and is promoting the hell out of us!

Raquel has also done a fabulous job helping us grow our Instagram account. It was just what we needed to get momentum going. Thank you Raquel!

- Samantha Parker, Co-founder Badassery Magazine 

“I hired Raquel to help me promote my book and she did an amazing job for me! She was on top of everything, has amazing contacts and helped my book hit #1 on the Book Soup Non Fiction Hardcover Books. She set up my book signing there and helped promote it and the place was sold out! I can't say enough good things about how great of a job she did for me. I will definitely hire again for a future project.

 - Jim Florentine, Comedian, That Metal Show, Crank Yankers, Metal Midgets Ozzy's Boneyard, Sirius XM

“Raquel is a fantastic publicist and event planner. She executed a superb interview with my clients Broken Hope at their "Mutilated and Assimilated" album release party and did an excellent job working the guest list and helping coordinate the step and repeat with Rock N Roll Industries Magazine. I look forward to working with her team in the future.”

- Ebony Jeanette, CEO of Ebony Jeanette PR

“Raquel is a very motivated and enthusiastic individual. She works very hard to understand the nuances, challenges and benefits of each project and is very capable of translating that knowledge to her clients. As chair of the Orange County Advertising Federation Program Committee, Raquel has exhibited many talents that seemingly come naturally for successful implementation of event planning and project management.”

- Sandy Arizmendes, Past President, American Advertising Federation - Orange County

“From concept to completion, Raquel was instrumental for coming up with a concept for a block party art show. Using her many contacts, she was able to arrange for sponsors, music, and was on board throughout the whole process from taking photos throughout the meetings and posting images to the social media sites through the planning stages. I look forward to working with Raquel at my next function.”

- Stephen Moreno,  Art Director, Black Fly's

“I have had the pleasure of working with Raquel on events for the Professional Communications Exchange and PRSA. She is professional, smart, enthusiastic and gets the job done. She also has a very big heart and has been involved in donating her time to worthy causes. She has done event planning and management for many charities.

- Teri Sawyer, Owner, T&Co 

“Raquel is one of my favorite Event Coordinators when dealing with charity events, nightclubs, and art shows. She is professional, intuitive and knows whats she is doing when marketing and promoting to the ever growing, ever changing Y generation. Team OC! Thanks for being you Raquel.”

- Brandon Moody, Sales Director, Smart Levels Media

“I want to thank Raquel for her help with my marketing and website design for my company and my personal website on Los Angeles Police History. She does a great job of simplifying, organizing the material and putting everything together to make a great and professional presentation.”

- Bob Alaniz, Owner, GPS Security

Raquel has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to social media and public relations and connecting you to the right audiences. Her connections run the gamut. Being an author and entrepreneur, she has taken the time to understand my goals, outreach and more. It has been a great relationship thus far and I am looking forward to more positive outcomes in 2018 and 2019+.​"

-Lisa Caprelli - Author "Unicorn Jazz"

Just some of the folks with whom we've worked:


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Jim Florentine

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Lisa Caprelli 

Mr. By Melissa Riso

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Roseanney Liu

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Billy Rehbock

Dr. Erin Haskel


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Badassery Magazine

Canyon Crest Winery

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Surfrider Foundation

Facial Lounge

Bleak Pop Films

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OC Weekly

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