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Did Someone Say,"Glitter Party?!"

Badassery Magazine is not just another women’s magazine. It is a revolutionary concept that combines inspiring and supportive methodology for prosperous female entrepreneurship with the real time value of global community building and networking. On August 24th, Badassery took that mindset and created the ultimate glitter party for night #2 of their LA take over book launch, in support of their new masterminded book/workbook Badassery Style Community: A Step-By-Step Guide to Party Planning Your Way to an Ultra-Engaged Community. Samantha & Kathy share their secrets for hosting and growing community of raving fans and building a community of thousands of empowered female online entrepreneurs

Cocktails and Conversation- Collaborations are Key for Growing Brand Awareness

Carrie Murray is the CEO of the Los Angeles based BRA Network, a thriving community of established and progressing women entrepreneurs around the world. BRA stands for Business Relationship Alliance and is the ultimate online & live action resource for female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Carrie has a background in social work, focused on empowering victims of domestic violence to reclaim their lives, as well as a 14-year career legacy in education. The BRA Network give women access to the resources they need to uplift their business - from courses to a directory to providing women a platform to teach what they know to other women in their start-up stages. It’s no surprise to dis