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Raquel  Figlo

Personable. Passionate. Persistent. 


From a young age, Raquel Figlo has been fascinated with music and the entertainment world. From the opera or theatre to MTV and pop music, Figlo memorized the acts and music she loved, and she realized she wanted to make a career in the entertainment industry.


“What drew me to PR and marketing is the strategy behind it,” Figlo explains. “I have a passion for creativity, thinking outside the box and this way of thinking has helped me get my clients noticed. My first PR event was for the Surfrider Foundation in 2008. I was asked to help with promotions, sponsorships, and getting the word out. It was an incredible experience that changed my life, and I decided right then I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.”


Celeb and High-Impact Clients


In her time as a publicist, Figlo has worked with Jim Florentine for his Everybody Is Awful (Except You!) book tour, Gary Payton for his Canna Sports launch party and red-carpet event, and Sue Wong for her Oscar Gala red-carpet event. Currently, she works with cannabis flavor house Dolce Foglia, CBD brand Blumenes, and celebrity influencer and personality Kevin the Creekman.


California Girl


“In my spare time, I enjoy the water,” Figlo says. “Whether it is laying by a pool, kayaking on the lake, or heading to the beach, water gives me a sense of peace and freedom. I love oceanfront views, renting a boat, and drifting on a lake.”




Figlo has had a passion for heavy metal since the age of 5 when she heard Black Sabbath on KNAC FM radio. That led her to a career in journalism for Rock N' Roll Industries Magazine. She also plays guitar and draws in her spare time.


Values and Philanthropy


To Figlo, the values essential to a good PR operation are loyalty, consistency, efficiency, and open-mindedness. She believes as her clients’ cheerleader, she has to believe in the work she does and put the client first. She also wants to be able to give back.


“My aspirations for my brand are to grow globally as an international PR agency working in music and entertainment,” Figlo says. “I would like to grow my company not only in public relations but in talent management as well. As my company grows, I would like to start a non-profit that encourages young women to get an education, get a degree, pursue their dreams, and create their own businesses. I would like to offer them the tools and support to do so with online classes in business and business etiquette, one-on-one help, tutoring, financial support, and job placement.”


Already, she raises funds for nonprofits and does pro bono PR work for good causes, including a recent campaign for Rennee Carleson’s A Bee Like Me book about children with autism.


For 8 consecutive years, Raquel has raised funds for a variety of non-profits ranging from protecting the oceans, abused children, and sex trafficking. An avid feminist, she has also done pro-bono work for women’s music organization Gritty in Pink in early 2020.


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