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Raquel Figlo Public Relations Is the Go-To-Girl for Music, Entertainment and Cannabis:

Exclusive Interview

Most publicists today don't get interviewed, but Raquel Figlo is not your average publicist. What makes this highly skilled but passionate PR rockstar different from the rest? Not only has she worked in a variety of different industries over her 10 plus years in public relations, but she constantly demonstrates her ability to adapt to any situation. 

Her perseverance makes what she does for a living exceptional. With that said, as a CEO and business owner, Raquel Figlo brings what clients want the most: the personal touch. 

This Orange County native has some serious career-driven instincts and well-deserved success thanks to numerous red carpet events and launch parties that were hosted and coordinated for her clients.


Beyond the glitz and glamour of L.A., however, Raquel loves giving back to the community through non-profits charities and pro-bono PR work.  

You can find out more about this successful publicist in our RMR exclusive interview below.

Respect My Region Exclusive Interview

Interview on December 1, 2020

In your own words, can you tell me what a public relations company is?

“Of course. The purpose of PR is to create visibility and credibility for your brand. Public relations is earned media, not paid media, and with my established media connections, I take your brand to the next level! I look at your social media, website, and other places where you are already present and find ways of improving those for more exposure. Then I use the connections that I have crafted over the years to find the perfect place for you to shine. In other words, think of me as your cheerleader, and I’m going to get the best out of you by being yourself.”


You’ve worked in a variety of industries, but it’s safe to say your journey in PR started with your passion for music. Can you tell me a little bit more about where that passion comes from?

“I love live music, rock music, and heavy metal. Some of my favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Megadeth. I became a hard rock music journalist for multiple publications and had been writing for the last 8 years through this love for these genres. The amount of skill and talent that goes into making something that raw and emotional in music was something I had a passion for, and so from there, I started representing bands and musicians. And because I loved music, I understood my clients on another level, and I can appreciate them more. With that understanding, I know the kind of press they want, and I dedicate myself to getting them the best exposure I know they deserve.”

I saw on your website that you currently work for two cannabis companies, Dolce Foglia and Blumenes. Perhaps due to increased legalization, do you think there will be an increased need for CBD and cannabis companies to have PR agents?

“Yes! I believe brands have a story to tell, even if you are in the cannabis industry. PR is a great avenue to tell a brand's story. When working with me, I create opportunities for them to tell their brand's story through interviews. I give them a chance to spread their message to people who may not be aware of things changing. For example, my clients created the CBD wellness brand Blumenes for more transparency and organic use of ingredients for those who are more conscious of what they want to put in their bodies.


The creators of Dolce Foglia used to be in the pharmaceutical industry and saw the horrors of the opioid crisis. Every cannabis company should have a chance to let people know who they are, and it’s my job to make that happen.”

You love charity work and helping non-profits. You mentioned wanting to start a nonprofit for women to go to college and get degrees and succeed on your website. Can you tell me more about that? 

“Right out of college, my father would introduce me to people in different industries, and it opened my eyes to how important networking can be. I still talk to many of these people to this day, and a few I would consider mentors. They pass on knowledge and experience you don’t have yet, which can be a huge advantage early in your career.


I would like to start a nonprofit aimed at young women in college or who graduated and are looking for their step in starting their careers. I want to help women who may not have had the same opportunities I did. Sharing what I have learned and giving back what I can. I think I can make a difference and assist women who are in the same position I was in when I started.”

With the Covid-19 Quarantine affecting everyone, how have you been during this pandemic?

"I have been surviving and prospering, meaning it was time to re-evaluate and assess what’s changing and adapt. This meant I had to pivot and focus more on other industries like cannabis. I have been focusing on cannabis wellness, and business is great. I was just a part of IMMERSIA Connect-a virtual trade show for the cannabis Industry that included my clients Dolce Foglia and Blumenes in the event. They shared their brand's story on the IMMERSIA TALKS platform that consisted of celebrities, musicians, and cannabis advocates telling their story on how cannabis improved their life."

"The music industry took a hit. There are no events to plan or concerts to organize for my clients. However, it is the perfect time to create and record music, and that change of direction has raised the spirits of many musicians. Recently, bands have been reaching out to me to help get their music out. With everyone at home means, there are more chances of getting your art or music noticed, and we should take advantage of that. When one door closes, another opens.” 


Where do you see Raquel Figlo Public Relations soon?

“I want to see my company, Raquel Figlo Public Relations, go global. The idea is that I want more clients worldwide, and I want to expose my current clients to other markets. I have recently expanded my services to talent management! It’s a brand new industry I am working in, and I love it."

"Currently, I am working with a client, Kevin Creekman A.K.A thecreekman. He is originally from Germany but now works in L.A. Kevin is an amazing actor, entrepreneur, and fashion model. He is also covered head to toe in tattoos. I want to bring this fantastic yet eccentric person into the spotlight and show how talented he is. And because he is not from the U.S., he may have a more challenging time getting exposure."

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